The Long Waged War

For the long waged war saw much devastation,
But through the heartbreak and sorrow came restoration.
For though it fought tirelessly with all its might,
He came and captured it at the darkest of night.
Blinded by darkness, pain, and hate,
The ‘enemy’ it could not simply abate.
The ‘enemy’ so fierce, so powerful and strong,
How could he be anything but what is wrong?
So piece by piece the ‘enemy’ broke through,
And having no choice it finally withdrew.
Broken and beaten, fallen to the ground,
It did not hear the cry of a victory sound.
For the enemy saw not a victory sweet,
But his own soldier fallen flat in defeat.
And it wondered what enemy would cry at its fall,
Until it realized he was not an enemy at all.
As he reached out his hand to help it off of the ground,
It stood by his side and heard the victory sound.
For his victory lay not in its fallen state,
But in a relationship it lost that he sought to recreate.
So although it had resisted and put up a fight,
It was glad it was captured in the darkest of night.



Copyright©2014 Hannah Quense


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