Food for Unthought

Food for thought has become quite a rare delicacy these days
Our intellectual taste buds are yearning for flavorful tidbits, delicious quippets, and insatiable snippets
Yet the food we feed them comes up short
Our palate salacious for something much more
We fill our minds with what doesn’t fill us
Consuming distractions like potato chips
One by one by one by one until we realize we’ve mindlessly eaten the whole bag
Hating ourselves for eating that second slice of cake
Yet finding we’re still lured by its luscious lacquer of frosting
Coming away either empty like we started
Or full to the point of puking
In either cases our thoughts haven’t really thought
And in truth they ought not
Because the food we fed was foolish junk
Spoiling our dinner

In essence we’re spoiling our minds to thoughts worth thinking
We’re consuming rubbish round the clock
Believing that constantly shoving something down our throats will somehow satisfy

Indeed we’ve made food for thought an abnormality
While food for unthought a commonality
Food fit only to mind the mindless is what we fill our minds with
Never giving thought a thought

…chew on that.



©2016 Hannah Quense


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