Why I Dress Up to Bless Up

At my high school the entire student body met to pray together everyday
Many of us stood there physically present, but spiritually far away

And I remember a teacher correcting us for crossing our arms in prayer
But I had written off what he said, because at the moment I didn’t care

So when he said “your outward appearance reflects an inward disposition”
I didn’t really listen

But for someone who didn’t care or listen I still remember what he said
And 9 years later those words resonate loudly in my head

So I thought I should finally pay attention and hear
And once I did something became jarringly clear

You see the outfits I wear to Church on the weekend
Actually speak volumes about where my priorities tend

Because I know when I go to Mass in whatever I happen to be wearing that day
It’s because I only wanted to do just enough and never go out of my way

Because if I went out of my way that’d mean I cared, and caring is hard as heck
So I’d better do the bare minimum and not actually stick out my neck

But, you know what, the God who came to this earth, lived, breathed, bled, and died all for me
Deserves far more than my mediocrity

The Lord doesn’t just want someone who will come to church, sit, and leave
He wants someone who will wear their pride for Him on their sleeve

And I realized if my heart truly burns with Christ’s loving fire
Then I should show that through my words, actions, and attire

So after finally hearing, years later, what my teacher had to say
I decided to approach dressing for Mass in an entirely new way

Now I know you might counter, “Does Jesus really care,
what I put on or the clothes that I wear?”

Well He may not care what’s written on our shirts
But He sure as heck deserves our best effort

And yes the Lord may accept us as we are
But He deserves more than me being just subpar

In the end Jesus may not care about how we dress
But He definitely cares about who our clothes are trying to impress

So I don’t wear casual clothes at Mass because it’s the moral thing to do
But because I want to say to the Lord, “my number one priority is You”

In reality I don’t go to Church to show my love for the Mets, Eagles, or Wilds
I go to show my love for the God who humbled Himself as a child

I don’t go to Church simply because I have to
But because I want to say to the Lord, “I’m entirely in love with You”

So if our outward appearance really does reflect an inward disposition
Then I want my clothing to show God I’m all in

To show the God who became a man all so He could save me
That He is more worthy than my favorite sports jersey

Yes, the God who loves, saves, and redeems
Is far more important than my favorite pair of jeans

Now if you’re watching this I hope you won’t write off what I say
But that you’ll be encouraged to take this and pray

Because it took me 9 years to see the truth in what my teacher said to me
And it has done wonders to challenge me out of my apathy

So to all of you who have stayed this long to listen
I’ll leave you here with a challenge and a question:

What is it in life you most desire?
Now go out and show it in your words, actions, and attire.


©2017 Hannah Quense


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