Consciously Pondering my Subconscious

As I begin shifting around in my bed
Searching for the sweet spot to be my sleep spot
I can’t help but consciously ponder my subconscious.
Wondering if the thoughts I think as I drift
Will find themselves found in my dreams.
As they sneak into my last conscious moments
Will they leak into my first unconscious moments?
Is my consciousness filtered through into my subconsciousness,
And does that filtered fragment of my thought find itself awake in my unconsciousness?

I do not know.

But these are the things I wonderingly ponder as I shift and drift in bed.
Will my dreams in part become realized reality;
The part that my head hides from my conscious self in my subconscious for my unconscious self to see?
Or perhaps do these states of mind only share a portion of a name rather than a portion of my reality?

Should I analyze my unconscious moments in order to glimpse at the vessels of thought hidden beneath the sea of my consciousness?
Or are those subconscious submarines rendered into Loch Ness monsters, reality in my unconscious self, but made myth for my conscious self by my subconscious?

I realize I am purporting the same question over and over,
it’s just that this debate over the conscious way my subconscious feeds into my unconscious weighs heavily on my conscience.


Copyright©2016 Hannah Quense


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