As Life Changes


I wrote this poem back in 2007, when I was coping with moving on from 8th grade into my freshman year of high school. I may have been pretty young at the time, but I think these words hold a lot of truth about what people experience in a time of change in their lives; how we should use those moments not to give into hopelessness, but as opportunities to create new beauty in our lives.


Sometimes the hardest thing you’ll ever do is let go of someone you love and hold dear.
You will forever search for ways to keep them near,
but sometimes (it seems) it just wasn’t meant to be that way.
As people move, hustling and bustling, in and out of your life, you stand there helpless
as your window of formality and comfort shatters before your eyes.

Your life is changing.

You don’t know what happened.
You thought your window would stay secure, and that all would stay as it was
but life moves on, and so do people.
You look at the shards on the ground,
seeking for a way to put life back to the way it was,
with the ones you hold close to your heart.
But then you realize:
We all must move on in our lives.
We must accept change and run with it.
We mustn’t let the past hold us back.
We must live in the now, and look forward to what is to come.
You may not be able to rebuild your window,
but you can pick up those, once so hopeless, shards
and build something new, something greater and beautiful
A future.


©2007 Hannah Quense


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