What’s it all About?

Poetry Pants

The phrase sassy pants is a staple in my vocabulary. Whether it has been other people referring to me as such, or quite simply myself identifying as the self-proclaimed Queen of sassy pants. Quite recently, however, a thought occurred to me, “what if I changed my pants? What if instead of my sassy pants I tried poetry pants on for size?”

So here it is. I am no longer going to try them on in my room and imagine what people would think if they saw me in them, I’m wearing them out on the town!

Sometimes these pants may look good on me, other times they may look okay, and other times they may be the most atrocious pants I’ve ever worn. I acknowledge this, its a part of life and learning, but I’m no longer going to let the fear of looking bad overshadow the joy these pants bring me.

Look out world, I’ve got my Poetry Pants on!

What’s the Purpose?

The whole point of this blog is to allow myself the following opportunities:

  1. to share my poetry with the world instead of letting it hide inside my journals (sometimes this will be in text and other times in video)
  2. to challenge myself to write frequently and consistently
  3. to better my poetic skill and knowledge through the constructive criticism of others

I’m relying on you, dear reader, to help me out with the last opportunity in particular. Please let me know your thoughts, because I’m flying a little blind here and would appreciate the assistance.